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Hand Blended Herbal Teas

Hand Blended Herbal Teas

All of the following teas are herbal, caffeine-free blends.

As always, use your intuition and listen to your body when nourishing with herbs. Your Health is Your Responsibility!

Note: I have transitioned to glass jars with corks. Photos to soon to come. Jars with the cork intact come with a $1.11 deposit, returnable at Local Roots, Wooster, OH or you can return them in person at the Wooster Farmers' Market for $1.00 each. Jar volume is the same as bags, weight varies slightly from blend to blend.


Brewing instructions: For a full-strength medicinal infusion, brew 1 Tbs. in simmered water, covered, for at least 30 minutes - the longer, the stronger. For a lighter tea, brew 1 tsp. for 5 - 10 minutes in simmered water. For a cold brew, double the amount of herb and steep in warm or cool water for 4-8 hours or overnight. Exception: Wisdom, see description. 


Love (red label) contains hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers and a small amount of mistletoe. 1 oz. bag. This blend is recommended as a hot brew.


Energy (orange label) contains maple sugar, astragalus, reishi mushroom, chili pepper, and a pinch of unrefined salt. 2 oz. bag. This blend is sweet and a little spicy. Recommended as either a hot brew or a cold brew served over ice.


Hope (yellow label) contains white pine needles, watercress, and rosehips. 1 oz. bag. It is a favorite for wintertime. . . mild-tasting and comforting. Recommended as a hot brew.


Life (green label) contains alfalfa, nettle, red clover, red raspberry leaves, oatstraw, horsetail, and peppermint. 1 oz. bag. I use this one during pregnancy, nursing and for overal vitality. Recommended as a hot brew or a cold brew served with sliced cucumbers.


Breath (blue label) contains chickweed, marshmallow, mullein, coltsfoot, and oregano. 1/2 oz. bag. This is my favorite blend for soothing during a respiratory illness. Recommended as a hot brew served with honey.


Joy (purple label) contains violet leaf, butterfly pea flower, hibiscus, and stevia leaf. 1 oz. bag. The top pick for children, it is fun and youthful in spirit and color. This blend can be enjoyed hot or cold but is highly recommended as a cold brew served with frozen strawberries.


Wisdom (Gray label) contains black walnut hulls, sage, skullcap, and ginkgo. 1 oz. bag. Looks like coffee, but will not have that effect! Recommended as a hot brew. Use less loose herb when brewing than the other blends, approx. 1 tsp. per cup.


Purity (white label) contains plantain, dandelion, sassafras, and parsley. 1 oz. bag. A clean, fresh blend. Recommended as a hot brew or a cold brew served with ice.


Peace (brown label) contains catnip, chamomile, lemon balm, and hops. 1 oz. bag. A nice bedtime drink. This blend is recommended as a hot brew. Keep away from cats! (-:

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