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Since a girl, I have had a fascination with wild edible plants and, after my second child was born, my  interests expanded to include medicinal herbs. I took a basic Herbalist course in 2012 and began applying that knowledge within my own family. More recently, I have been expanding my herbal education and soon hope to be a certified Herbalist.

In 2018, I started Eve's Pharmacy as a desperate grab for some stability after losing my job of stay-at-home mother and wife. I lost custody of my five beautiful children who I homebirthed, homeschooled, and still hold dear to my heart. As an outlet for my creative powers, having a business pales in comparison to my previous job, but has given me countless opportunities to meet new people and learn new things while continuing to grow as a dynamic human being. Not only am I passionate about Nature and the bounty she provides, but I am also deeply moved by the Women who so identify with her life-giving virtues, the ones who are demonized and bloom regardless of modern pressures to suffocate them.


My nine herbal teas are all caffeine-free and hand blended in small batches using locally grown and wildcrafted herbs. Each blend varies from batch to batch depending on the year's bounty and herb availability. My culinary herbs are grown without the use of chemicals and I do not use plastic in my packaging. The herbs that I sell can be used medicinally or enjoyed casually.

In my spare time, I find joy in making goat milk skincare products and milking goats for my good friend, Deb. You can find her wonderful natural skincare products at


Visit me at the Wooster Farmers' Market from mid-May to mid-October or other pop-up markets in the area. 


For a custom woodburning quote, please contact me.

Love, Truth, and Peace to you,



Eve's Pharmacy is dedicated to the positive growth of Humankind, anchored in herstorical roots of ancestry and intuitive wisdom and seeks to encourage connection with our true Home, the one that sustains us in Life and in Death.


          . . . May we realize the Garden of Eden again.


I met a man, he was 33.

When we shook hands

he bore a hole through me.

So, I got up some Courage

and I asked what he saw,

then he picked me apart

with a Different Law.


He said, "Your head is to the North

and your feet are to the South."

"In between these is a Sword

called your mouth."

"Your House has two Windows

and it stands on a Rock

and though you know it or not

you are part of a Flock."


Then, he looked into my Windows,

asked could he enter, please?

And the words he said next

to me were just these:


"Inside you is a Garden

where two Trees grow."

"It doesn't ever rain there

and it doesn't ever snow."

"One has Knowledge

and can figure things out."

"The other one knows

what Life is all about."

"The Tree in the center

is the Tree in your head

and the One to the east

has four Rivers of Red."

"The Roots of the Trees

go down into your gut

and in the Garden is a Gate

that is all locked up."


I asked him where the Key was

and he told me that he knew.

If I'd just be patient,

he'd tell me that, too.


"Your Rivers are dirty

for the Gate is still closed."

But, it wasn't much a problem

the traveler supposed.


"Just give up the things

that you think you need the most."

Then he turned away

and was gone like a ghost.


I walked down the Road,

his words were heavy on my Soul,

as I soon figured out

I'd have to Let Go . . .

Me sitting in front of a tree
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